Is "city water" REALLY safe to drink from the tap?

Answer In most industrialized countries it is safe to drink tap water. Whether it's taste is to your liking is another matter. Developing and third world countries have municipal water supplies that are... Read More »

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Is it safe to drink from a water fountain?

People have been doing it for years. I just would not touch the part where the water comes out at.nfd♥

Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes i really don't drink water at all i'm really bad?

yes it cause diabetic in your body if you continues to do that u never live long life and also eat junk food and candy......but u can also drink diet soda for less also victim here

Is it safe to drink distilled water instead of tap water?

Drinking a quality distilled water is the only healthy choice in a polluted world. Even the water in Antarctica is tainted. I add nutrients to my distilled by adding wheat grass it turns the water... Read More »

Can i drink tap water or is it not safe?

You must be sure of the source it is coming from. In my opinion tap water is not safe to drink, because it travels a long way from the source to the tap of your sink. It is always better to boil th... Read More »