Is chlorhexiderm good shampoo?

Answer On One Hand: Effective for Dogs Requiring Medicated ShampooSusanne A. Hughes, DVM of The Dalmatian Club of America suggests in a study on skin allergies and disorders in Dalmatians, that using sham... Read More »

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What is Chlorhexiderm?

ChlorhexiDerm is a medicated shampoo for cats, dogs and horses. It's used to treat acute moist dermatitis, which causes such symptoms as excessive itching, red skin patches, oozing sores and hair l... Read More »

Is Wen a good shampoo?

Wow. The universe is going to implode. I actually agree with jungle jim on something.Wen is basically a product jumping in the "no-poo" bandwagon. The idea is that hair is often dried out by the de... Read More »

Good shampoo?

What is good shampoo for hair?

It depends what you want to achieve?What's good for Jane down the street may not be good for your hair type.Even the cheapest shampoo can do what it's suppose to do, to wash off the pollution off y... Read More »