Is chinese food greasy tongue pierced worried about what i can eat.?

Answer Try Yum Cha. This menu is not greasy at all. There are also other dishes like Won Ton Noodles and Chow Mein noodles.Won Ton is a soup. Which consist of Dumplings and Noodles in a stock soup.Chow Me... Read More »

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Why are {most} Chinese people skinny if their food is greasy and fried?

I believe it has to do with race and metabolism. My husband is Singaporean of Chinese-Indonesian decent. I'm an American of European-Hispanic decent. My husband eats A LOT of food, especially Chine... Read More »

Should i get my tongue pierced.?

It is fun to have, and there shouldn't be any problem as long as you go to a piercer that you know is good. It doesn't hurt because as my peircer told me, there are no nerves in the middle of your... Read More »

Can I get my tongue pierced?

I'm no doctor, but I'm positive that you'll be fine.

For anyone who has had their tongue pierced?

Hey, i have had my tongue pierced.How old do you have to be to have it done with and without parental consent?-As-long as your parents say you can have your piercing, than its fine. I did not get a... Read More »