Is childbirth really that painful ?

Answer oh ya- not much like it !!!! it is a shame men can not experience this so they could understand their wives better - they should feel exactly what a woman has to go through in order to understan... Read More »

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How painful is childbirth?

You do not want to know - it is incomprehensible.I once had my back tattooed for 6 hours - it was a very painful experience. In my naivety I went around saying that it would prepare me for childbir... Read More »

Is it really THAT painful to get a tattoo?

Well it is really painful to get a tatoo especially when someone is too skinny. The most painful place is definetly on areas were the bones stand out the most like the area around your ribcage. The... Read More »

On a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst how painful is childbirth with an epidural?

It isn't painful at all with the epidural. The contractions leading up to it hurt real bad. but once the epidural kicks in, you don't feel a thing. I just had my first baby 8 months ago. The most p... Read More »

Is sex for girls really painful?

For the first few times, it will be uncomfortable. But if you are comfortable with the guy you are sleeping with, then you can become easily accustomed to the discomfort. After a while it becomes q... Read More »