Is chickenpox possible without a fever?

Answer Fever may not be present in mild cases of varicella (chickenpox); however, even people with mild cases can be contagious. Chickenpox can also lead to complications such as shingles, pneumonia and s... Read More »

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How long does the fever last in chickenpox?

Fever from chickenpox usually goes away as soon as the patient stops developing bumps (new sores develop over four to five days), according to the University of Michigan Health System C.S. Mott Chi... Read More »

How can I get someones fever down without medicine. They have a fever of 100!?

Fevers are actually good - when not above 102... It's the body's way of killing off the harmful viruses and bacteria inside our bodies... While a fever signals to us that a battle might be going on... Read More »

Can an adult get chickenpox from a child If they have never had chickenpox there self?

yes they can. becuase chicken pox is contageous to the people that never got it. Even if they are big or small, it is contageous to everyone that never got it. But some poeple took vaccines so they... Read More »

Is it possible that one get a fever after hearing a shocking news?

Yes. It happens.I have seen my daughter got fever after hearing the death news of her beloved grandma.And the fever was because of shock,some kind of trauma.She was confined to bed for 3/4 days and... Read More »