Is chicken-flavoured salt vegan?

Answer I doubt it is vegan. Usually meat flavored stuff has animal in it. Vegans don't eat meat by-products, sorry.

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How much Iodized salt should I use instead of Kosher salt for brining chicken breasts?

The same amount as it will make very little difference.If you are a bit concerned about the saltiness whichever you use you can use a little less. I tend to go by eyeDune

How to Make Vegan Chicken Salad?

This recipe for vegan chicken salad uses the zesty flavor of Tempeh, and smooth, delicious texture, to accurately replicate a creamy chicken salad. The recipe is both quick and simple.

How to Make Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup?

"No-chicken" broth and textured vegetable protein take the place of chicken stock and chicken pieces in this vegan version of a childhood favorite. This recipe is very low in calories and fat.

Vegan chicken vs. printer toner cartridge: which would you rather eat?

Vegan chik'n is delicious, actually...esp. The Quor'n brand. It's made with corn fungus, I believe. It's a lot more palatable than it sounds.