Can chewing on ice cubes damage your teeth?

Answer Sometimes. if you have sensitive teeth and gums.Ice may cause a crack or even break a tooth or damage a cavity or filling.Chew with caution also since ice will numb your mouth and you wont feel th... Read More »

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Can chewing food make your teeth crooked?

Answer ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our teeth are designed for chewing. If anyone has told you, this they are lying to your face. Answer No: teeth have a sort of "memory" that keeps the roots in one particular... Read More »

Is it healthy for your teeth to go to bed right after chewing Trident dental gum without brushing again?

You brush then use mouth wash....dentists advise gum after meals to reduce acid on the teeth im not so sure its good before bedtime though.

Is chewing gum good for the teeth?

On One Hand: Some Gum is Good for the TeethChewing sugarless gum is good for your teeth because it increases the flow of saliva in your mouth. If you chew gum right after eating, the saliva will he... Read More »

Is sugar free chewing gum bad for teeth?

Sugar free gums are fine for your teeth. In fact they can be very good.Get a gum that contains the ingredient 'xylitol,' (fruit breezers, orbitz, etc) . In studies, xylitol has been known to stop d... Read More »