Is chewing gum bad or good for you?

Answer Definitely good question, but I think it good. So when u are hungry just eat a chewing gum and u wont feel so hungry. It can also help u not get cavities, I guess.

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Is chewing gum good for the teeth?

On One Hand: Some Gum is Good for the TeethChewing sugarless gum is good for your teeth because it increases the flow of saliva in your mouth. If you chew gum right after eating, the saliva will he... Read More »

Is chewing on pine needles good for you?

According to Rural Vermont, white pine needles contain five times the amount of Vitamin C found in lemons, which makes them very beneficial. They also contain substantial amounts of Vitamin A. Pine... Read More »

Is eating parsley or chewing coffee beans good for garlic breath?

On One Hand: Herbal RemediesEating herbs high in chlorophyll, including parsley, help freshen breath and neutralize strong odors like garlic. Spirulina, found in many herbal supplements and drinks,... Read More »

Chewing Gum?

Hi Michael,I had a similar a few years back and found following advise that freezing the offending item, using ice cube bags, enables you to simply peel it off material.A bit long-winded, but it wo... Read More »