Is chewing gum bad for your jaw?

Answer Chewing gum is bad for your jaw if you chew constantly or have temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). Gum chewing, as with food chewing, requires the use of face and neck muscles as well as repeti... Read More »

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How to Stop Your Rabbit Chewing on Your Washing Machine Hoses?

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How to Pop Your Chewing Gum?

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Is chewing gum bad for your gums?

On One Hand: Chewing Gum can be Good for the GumsChewing gum increases the flow of saliva, and thus can help flush out food particles after eating---a time when plaque acid levels can be at their h... Read More »

Is constantly chewing on gum bad for your jaw!!?

First off, I agree with the other answers with regards to cleaning and if the gum is sugarless like Trident there are studies that prove it actually helps prevent tooth decay after meals if you can... Read More »