Is chewing gum bad for your gums?

Answer On One Hand: Chewing Gum can be Good for the GumsChewing gum increases the flow of saliva, and thus can help flush out food particles after eating---a time when plaque acid levels can be at their h... Read More »

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Problems with teeth/gums DENTISTS please (gums receding/thinning)?

The top reasons for gum recession are age and brushing too hard. Since you sound like you're younger it might be from brushing too hard, you can literally brush the gums right off. Make sure you ... Read More »

How to get rid of puffy, big gums ?

I have that same problem! So I talked to my dentist and she said that I need to brush my actual gums and not just the teeth. I hope this helps!:)

What does it mean if you have a bump on your gums?

On One Hand: Bumps Are Usually Harmless and TemporaryA bump (swelling or inflammation) on the gum is usually a gumboil and is typically caused by an infection or decay of a nerve inside a tooth. Th... Read More »

I saw something white on my gums!?

my advice is go to a dentist fast u might have an infection and its best to get it fixed before it gets worse