Is chewing gum a physical change?

Answer Scientifically speaking, gum only undergoes a physical change once it's chewed. This is because only the physical appearance of the gum changes, not the ingredients that go into it. Chewed gum does... Read More »

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Are plants growing a chemical change or a physical change?

bothAdded correction: It is chemical because you can not simply revert it (newly grown hair) back to its original compounds. Plants (newly grown) are product of many (bio)chemical synthesis react... Read More »

10 Types of Physical Change?

Physical changes occur when an object or substance undergoes a change in physical properties, such as texture, color, odor, weight, density or shape, while retaining the same chemical nature. A per... Read More »

Physical Phase Change Activities?

Live demonstration of science concepts can be applied both in the classroom and at home with equal ease. You can observe substances as they change between solid, liquid and gaseous states without ... Read More »

Is popping corn a physical change?

According to Anne J. McNeil, who is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, corn does go through a physical change during popping. It does not, however, go through a chemical change.Source:Cornell Center... Read More »