Is chewing gum a physical change?

Answer Scientifically speaking, gum only undergoes a physical change once it's chewed. This is because only the physical appearance of the gum changes, not the ingredients that go into it. Chewed gum does... Read More »

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Are plants growing a chemical change or a physical change?

bothAdded correction: It is chemical because you can not simply revert it (newly grown hair) back to its original compounds. Plants (newly grown) are product of many (bio)chemical synthesis react... Read More »

10 Types of Physical Change?

Physical changes occur when an object or substance undergoes a change in physical properties, such as texture, color, odor, weight, density or shape, while retaining the same chemical nature. A per... Read More »

Is popcorn a physical or mental change?

Inside the hard shell of kernel of popcorn is water surrounded by starch. When heated, the starch becomes a liquid, and the water becomes a gas. The kernel bursts open as the steam expands. The ... Read More »

Is popping corn a physical change?

According to Anne J. McNeil, who is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, corn does go through a physical change during popping. It does not, however, go through a chemical change.Source:Cornell Center... Read More »