Could infertility be hereditary?

Answer Something is most likely causing the infertility. And that could very likely be inherited.

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Is alzeimers hereditary?

resent research has shown that there is an increased risk of Alzeimers the APOE4 gene and increased production of amyloid. Amyliod is a protean found in the brain that scientists believe is connec... Read More »

Is hypertension hereditary?

On One Hand: Family HistoryHypertension (also called high blood pressure) can be a hereditary condition. A person's risk of having the genes that may cause hypertension is increased if there is a f... Read More »

Is glioblastoma hereditary?

Glioblastoma is usually not hereditary, although there are rare circumstances in which it can be. Hereditary conditions that can, but do not always, lead to glial brain tumors like glioblastomas in... Read More »

Is hepatitis C hereditary?

On One Hand: Disease Arises From Blood-borne VirusHepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus, which people acquire mainly through exposure to infected blood or body fluids but also, possibly, b... Read More »