Is charcoal a fossil fuel?

Answer Charcoal is not a fossil fuel because it does not contain the ancient remains of animals and plants. Charcoal is created from heating wood at a moderate temperature while depriving the wood of oxy... Read More »

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Is oil fossil fuel?

Oil, also called petroleum, is a fossil fuel, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal, are hydrocarbon based substances formed from decay... Read More »

Is gas a fossil fuel?

Gasoline (gas) is a component of crude oil, which is a fossil fuel. Refineries separate gasoline from crude oil by boiling the crude oil into vapor. Different fractions are collected according to t... Read More »

How much fossil fuel do we use?

Fossil fuels are high energy sources from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. The fossil fuel reserves are found buried deep in the earth. These reserves are salvaged and used to po... Read More »

Is propane a fossil fuel?

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is a fossil fuel. Like other fossil fuels--coal, petroleum, and natural gas--propane is made of the buried remains of plants and animals tha... Read More »