Is changing child custody easy in minnesota?

Answer On One Hand: Agreement Between ParentsIn Minnesota, if parents can agree to a change in custody, there is no need for court involvement. Parents can make any modifications to an existing custody ar... Read More »

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If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in Minnesota?

Answer Whomever the child resides with, until the court decides otherwise. Meaning the parent that the child does not live with cannot take the child anywhere without the permission of the other pa... Read More »

Grandparent's Child Custody Laws of Minnesota?

When parents divorce or a parent dies, people may not consider the feelings of grandparents who might struggle to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren. Grandparents in Minnesota wh... Read More »

Is it hard to reverse child custody orders in minnesota?

On One Hand: The Order Was Put Into Place For CauseCourts take cases that deal with the welfare of children very seriously. They do not make these decisions lightly. The judge in the case had to ha... Read More »

If i have shared custody and my ex's husband is hitting my child and i have made a child abuse complaint should i assume full custody and not let my child return there since the social services knows?

If your ex husband it hitting your child just tell the police they will talk care of all the confusing stuff and they might bring your ex husband to jail cause you broke up and he isn't in your fam... Read More »