On the text free app for ipod touch is it always free or does it cost money at some point?

Answer Text plus is an awesome app. completely free. I would get text free with voice. You then can call and text and that is free too. You have to send at least 1 text a month in order to keep your numbe... Read More »

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Does anyone know of an charitable organization that does dental work free or at little cost?

Try a dental school in your city. they'll do a great job, with a professor alongside to make sure they do!If you don't know where to start looking, check the colleges/universities in your area - or... Read More »

How much does a toll-free number cost?

Stand-alone toll-free providers typically charge between 3.9 cents and 7 cents per minute. Toll-free numbers are billed similar to long distance service based on a per-minute rate. However, you are... Read More »

How much do US free phone (toll-free) numbers cost to call from the UK?

Sadly, it won't be free! It will normally cost the same as any standard international phone call to the USA. That's about 20-25p/min using a BT landline but, of course, you can get much cheaper rat... Read More »

When you download a free app what does it mean it has access to services that cost money?

it means you have to pay for certain services inside the app itself.