If you have unlimited texting, do you get ChaCha answers for free?

Answer chacha answers me for free on here all the time, sometimes she hits me up for sexual favors though, i don't mind

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TV with most accurate colours?

No TV has perfect colour accuracy, but some are better than others.You should be reading as many professional test reports as you can find.Any TV can be optimized by having its gray scale professio... Read More »

Can DNA testing be accurate with one parent only?

DNA testing using one parent is accurate for that parent's side of the family only, or to get an answer about the relationship of that one individual to another DNA profile. Males and females pass ... Read More »

How to Use Mental Imagery to Be Accurate With Details?

Accuracy requires a relaxed effort and can be supported by a change of attitude, increased awareness and practice.

Is DNA accurate on siblings with the same mother but different fathers?

I think what you mean to ask is "is DNA testing reliable to determine siblingship in two individuals with the same mother but not the same father?" The answer is, yes, but it depends.DNA is the mat... Read More »