Why do people that are actually computer smart hate Vista so much?

Answer Vista has some compatibility issues with certain hardware. It wouldn't recognize my printer until I got a patch, for instance. But I think that Vista has come a long way, and while not quite as sta... Read More »

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Should myself get the iPad 2 and the blue smart cover to go with it this Friday I'v been saving up a bunch?

How many people are in the brady bunch?

The Brady family consists of 8 people-the parents, Mike and Carol, and the kids, (oldest to youngest), Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy. There is also the housekeeper, Alice, and her boyf... Read More »

Building a new computer- Bunch of questions!?

Oh, so you are clueless with computers, but you are still building it yourself. Why don't you start by doing some research yourself?

I found a bunch of porn 'cookies' on the computer, how do I get rid of them?

You can use your internet browser to do it, but I'm going to suggest something better. Note: I'm assuming that you have a Microsoft Windows machine. The best application I've found is called CCle... Read More »