Is cesarian safer than vaginal birth?

Answer this could be debated its bascically what u and ur doctor think is best for the baby. personally i think a vaginal birth is safer.

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Is c-section safer than vaginal birth?

I'd recommend doing some research and come to a conclusion of you own. Some good starting places would be reading "Pushed" by Jennifer Block and watching Ricki Lake's documentary, The Business of B... Read More »

You had a cesarian 6 monthes ago and im 14 weeks pregnant will you have to have another cesarian?

Answer it's best to talk to your doctor with your concerns... but there are chances you might get another cesarian but most women get a chance to give birth natural

Is a drug free water birth safer than giving birth in a hospital room?

no because it does not have all the doctors and nerses in it

Why is hospital birth still the default when home birth has been proven to be safer?

I think it is mostly down to modern day thinking. Most people associate pain = doctor, big pain = hospital. I wanted to birth both my daughters at home and my husband flat out refused it. My main r... Read More »