Is certificate of insurance binding?

Answer No, there is usually some stipulations to a certificate of insurance - such as the premiums must be paid.

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Does a certificate of insurance imply insurance at the certificate holder location or does it just imply that the insured has insurance?

How do you tell if an insurance policy is endorsed if you are the additional insured on a certificate of insurance?

If you are insured then you should see your name on the certificate itself or on the referenced endorsement page.

What is an SR-22 insurance certificate?

Often individual drivers convicted of certain driving infractions are required by the court to obtain an SR-22 certificate. Requirements and laws regarding SR-22 certificates can vary from state t... Read More »

How do you get condominium certificate of insurance?

You should be able to obtain a copy of the association's certificate of insurance from a board member or the property manager. The certificate is issued by the company that carries the association'... Read More »