Is ceramic tile sealed or unsealed?

Answer On One Hand: Glazed Ceramic TileMost ceramic is sealed with a glaze, according to The glaze provides a protective coating and can come in a range of glosses. The glaze prevents staini... Read More »

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Can I wax unsealed ceramic tile?

On One Hand: Glazed Tile Doesn't Need WaxGlazed ceramic tile is a variety of ceramic tile that has been covered with a thin coating of glass during manufacture. This type of ceramic floor tile need... Read More »

What is sealed ceramic tile?

Sealed ceramic tiles are tiles that have had a sealant applied to them to reduce wear and tear. Sealants may also be applied to alter the texture of the tiles.Water AbsorptionOne of the most common... Read More »

Can sealed adoption records be unsealed?

When people use the term "adoption records" it is somewhat vague. Which records they mean can vary greatly. However, most people are talking about accessing the original birth certificate when they... Read More »

How do I clean unsealed tile grout?

Mix the Cleaning ProductThoroughly vacuum the area for loose dirt if applicable. Mix one part household bleach with five parts water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, and apply to the soiled grou... Read More »