Is cellulite caused by water retention during pregnancy?

Answer Answer It is safe to swim in a pool after losing your mucus plug because your membranes are what's keeping the baby safe. Your membranes break when your water breaks. Read More »

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What causes water retention during the day and multiple trips to the bathroom through the night?

This is the typical pattern which occurs when you suffer from allergic water retention due to food intolerances. Basically some of the foods you are eating are not getting completely digested. Smal... Read More »

What caused more damage during Katrina: wind or water?

Water caused the greatest amount of damage during hurricane Katrina. Wind speed was recorded at 140 mph when making landfall on the Gulf Coast. Rainfall rates exceeded one inch an hour across a wid... Read More »

Is bottled water safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Most Bottled Water Is FinePregnant women can usually drink bottled water that has been purified via reverse osmosis safely during pregnancy. Brands like Aquafina and Dasani offer water... Read More »

Does your mouth water a lot during pregnancy?

Yes it does. There are some tricks though so you get to spit a bit less. Always carry tissue with you, look over your diet (salt makes you dry) and others.