Is cedar oil safe?

Answer On One Hand: No Safety Hazards Are KnownCedar oil is a safe and effective ingredient commonly used in soaps, detergents, cosmetics, food additives and insect repellents. The U.S. Food and Drug Adm... Read More »

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Are cedar chips safe?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsFinely shredded cedar bark can be good for flower beds, lasts a long time and repels insects.On the Other: Chemical ImbalanceWood or bark chips can create an imbalan... Read More »

Is it safe to burn cedar wood?

It is safe to burn cedar. However, cedar is a soft wood and doesn't burn as long or produce as much energy as hardwoods. One cord of dried (15 to 20 percent moisture) split white cedar wood produce... Read More »

Are red cedar chips safe to burn?

Red cedar is a softwood that is safe to burn. The chips are often sold as kindling because they burn very quickly and light easily. Red cedar can spit when burning, so put up a mesh screen as a saf... Read More »

How safe is cedar deck wood?

On One Hand: Sturdy and Decay ResistantCedar is considered by many professionals to be a superior timber for do-it-yourself home projects. The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association lists less swelli... Read More »