Is cat urine harmful to humans?

Answer On One Hand: Sometimes It Can Be HarmfulCat urine often contains a parasite called toxoplasma gondii which can cause developmental problems infants and illness in people with weakened immune system... Read More »

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Is meat harmful to humans?

If meat was harmful - even in the slightest - where do you think we'd all be - take your pick:a) six feet underb) in outer spaceorc) eating meat and remaining healthy?I therefore put it to you that... Read More »

Is rat poison harmful to humans?

Rat poison is highly toxic to humans. Many rat poisons work by causing anti-coagulation, which prevents the blood within the body from clotting. These poisons cause internal bleeding and hemorrhagi... Read More »

Is Borax harmful to humans?

According to New Jersey Mold Inspection, Borax is a low-toxic mineral cleaner. While Borax can cause irritation to eyes and skin, it shows little probability of posing a threat to human organs. New... Read More »

Are bird lice harmful to humans?

Bird lice can only live on birds and if transferred to a human can only survive up to two days. However, if a human does come in contact with bird lice and is bitten, the bites can cause rashes, it... Read More »