Is castor oil safe?

Answer Answer It is quite safe, but rather unpleasant and does not actually help induce labor, it just gives you griping and diarrhoea.

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Is castor oil safe to take for labor?

On One Hand: Castor Oil Does WorkFor centuries, expectant mothers and midwives have sworn by castor oil to induce labor. Castor oil stimulates bowel muscles, causing the uterus to release prostagla... Read More »

Is Castor Oil Safe for Lawns?

Moles are small mammals that burrow beneath the ground to make nests and feed on earthworms, lawn grubs, various insects and small amounts of vegetation. As they search for food, they dig tunnels i... Read More »

Is it safe to drink castor oil at 35 weeks?

Answer It is an old wives tale that it is a labor inducer. I however can assure you from personal experience that it is only a laxative. I tried it with my first son and I got so scared in the mi... Read More »

You are 36 weeks and been contracting now since 31 weekswas in labor at 31 do you think castor oil will work for me doc says its safe to have baby now i am tired of hurting what would u do?

Answer I tried that with my first child. I don't suggest it. I didn't go into labor, but I crapped myself silly!Try pinching your nipples, or getting your man to do it. That releases hormones into... Read More »