Is cast iron cookware dishwasher safe?

Answer No. Cast iron is porous material, which needs a bit of fat on it to prevent it from rusting and food from sticking. Cleaning it in a dishwasher will remove that-the seasoning as it's called.Best wa... Read More »

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Can you use Pam in cast iron cookware?

Pam can be used to help season a cast iron pan, and before cooking, Pam can be added to help keep foods from sticking to the surface of the pan. Pam can also be used right after washing to help kee... Read More »

How to Season Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron is much beloved by serious chefs, and lasts nearly forever if you take care of it. Seasoning cast iron cookware is necessary to ensure a non-stick surface and to prevent the pot or pan fr... Read More »

How to Store Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron cookware is popular because it cooks evenly and endures. It is also healthier than some cookware products on the current market. However, cast iron cookware does have a tendency to rust i... Read More »

Safety of Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron cookware is a simple type of cookware that has been used in kitchens for a long time. Although not as popular as other types of cookware, cast iron cookware is extremely safe to use. Cast... Read More »