Is casabanana fruit seed a tree or bush?

Answer Casabanana (Sicama odorifera) is neither a tree or a bush. It is a vine reaching 40 feet in length. This member of the squash family produces cucumber-like fruits, 2 feet long and 4 inches in diame... Read More »

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Is casa banana fruit seed a tree or bush?

The cassabanana plant (Sicana odorifera) is not a tree or a bush, it is a vine. This large climbing vine comes from South America and is grown for ornamental use, as well as for its edible fruit. O... Read More »

How to Grow a Paw Paw Fruit Tree From Seed?

Pawpaw fruit has a creamy texture similar to that of a banana, though its skin is similar to that of a mango. Although it seems like a tropical fruit, it is actually native to the northeastern Unit... Read More »

How long does a guava seed take to become a tree with fruit?

Anyone had a blight on their fruit tree s etc this year, half of our apple tree appears to have died off..?

I saw a lot of Chestnuts with Bleeding Canker when I was in Suffolk, but Apples seem fine here in bonny Scotland. My only problem was birds that nipped the flowers off one of the trees. It could be... Read More »