Are carob chips vegan?

Answer Carob chips often contain milk powder. Because milk is a dairy product that comes from animals, carob chips that contain milk are not vegan. However, carob powder in its raw form is vegan, and it i... Read More »

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Are textbooks considered 'vegan'?

No they aren't. Put your ear to a book and you'll hear a tree screaming

I've recently decided to go vegan. What kind of meat and how often can I still have it to be considered one?

The answer is none.But on a more serious note, I can tell that you're not sincere about going vegan. Three regulars from the Religion & Spirituality section (most likely from your contact list) sta... Read More »

What are some things that are commonly considered to be vegan, but in reality aren't?

soaps. some of them have animal products. and vitamins. many have gelatin in them. i guess a lot of things with glycerine's. toothpaste. some beans have lard. a lot of eco gas, i cant rememb... Read More »

How to Use Carob?

Carob has lost favour in recent years as the health message on eating chocolate has triumphed. However, carob still provides a non-caffeine and usually sugar-free alternative to chocolate that some... Read More »