Is canola oil safe to rub into feet or skin?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Safe for SkinCanola oil is a derivative of the rapeseed plant. The urban myth that canola oil can lead to eye issues and mad cow disease is false. It will not harm the skin, whet... Read More »

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How to Soften Feet With Vegetable or Canola Oil?

Aging, poor diet, dry climates, improper hygiene, prolonged standing and repeated soaking in hot water can all cause dry, rough feet. While prevention and making the requisite lifestyle changes are... Read More »

How do you convert a room 15 feet by 11 feet 6 inches into square feet?

How do you convert a room 12 feet 2 inches by 10 feet into square feet?

(12 feet + 2 inches) by (10 feet)= ([12 feet x 12 inches/foot] + 2 inches) X (10 feet x 12 inches/foot)=(144 inches + 2 inches) X (120 inches)=(146 inches) X (120 inches)= 17520 square inches= 1752... Read More »

How do you convert 15 feet by 31 feet by 4 inches deep into cubic yards?

for a concrete order, I would calculate the cubic footage first: 15 X 31 X 0.33 (4 inches) =153.45 cubic feet. there are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard, so 154 (round up in construction--believe m... Read More »