Is it cannibalism if you eat yourself?

Answer it's called Autophagy (or more technically, Autosarcophagy)auto = selfsarx = fleshphagus = to consume

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Why is cannibalism illegal?

I know, I love eating other humans, so tasty.Cannibals rule.

Will I like cannibalism?

Ummm... no? I wouldn't recommend cannibalism.. but the choice is yours.

Stopping Poultry Cannibalism?

In poultry cannibalism, birds peck at each other until they draw and ingest blood. Such attacks are often fatal and are a significant problem in commercial egg-laying operations. Most poultry canni... Read More »

Cannibalism disease thing?

Kuru.A horrific disease. WHen anthropologists discovered flesh eating tribes in Papua New Guinea, they found a wasting disease was rampant- it consisted of muscular wasting, falling down, wobbly l... Read More »