Is camera is input devices?

Answer yes

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Input Devices of the Bank?

An input device is nothing more than a device that's used to transfer information from the real world to the digital world of a computer. This is especially important when it comes to banking, sinc... Read More »

Linux Input Devices?

Linux lets interested individuals use an operating system free of monetary cost, but at another kind of price. The specific mechanics of the operating system differ among Linux distributions. Addit... Read More »

List some input devices.?

The keyboardthe mousethe rat (a sort-of one-handed keyboard for the left hand)puck (3d input device often sold in 3d and cad drafting magazines)novint falconscannerwebcampower glove (nintendo)cue c... Read More »

Examples of Input Devices on a Computer?

Basic computer knowledge includes being able to distinguish between an input and an output device. While output devices receive computer information, input devices provide data to a system for use ... Read More »