Is caesarean delivery safe?

Answer It is not the safest way because it is major surgery. Women should only have it if they need it.

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How many minutes can a baby not breathe upon delivery and what is the safe limit?

Answer I think it is 4 minutes after delivery but the safe limit is 2 minutes.

What does caesarean birth mean?

An unnatural birth. A natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina, a caesarean birth is when the baby is born by cutting at the bottom part of a womens stomach which is called the wom... Read More »

Can a safe home delivery be done if you're a first-time mom with a low risk pregnancy with the baby in the normal position but you don't have a phone or vehicle and no other human nearby?

Answer No other human nearby... no, its not safe. If you had a doula or a mid-wife or even a friend or relative that had witnessed births before you might be on the safer side, but to be alone is ... Read More »

Is it possible to have a caesarean if you don't like vaginal births?

I am sure the doctors would be delighted to charge you the extra fees involved for elective major surgery.