Is c spire a gsm provider?

Answer Yes, C-Spire is GSM

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I read somewhere that ATT is the sole service provider for the new iPhone 3G. I am planning to buy the iPhone but your current service provider is Verizon I am happy with your service provider?

The new iPhones come with a SIM lock which means it is not possible to change the service provider of the phones. There are grey markets vendors who might help you break the SIM lock and use the iP... Read More »

Uninstall spire from ipad 2?

If 'spire' is an app, you hold down on the app icon (and wait till the app starts shaking) > then you click the red 'x' in the corner of the app > click yes to app uninstall > then click the home b... Read More »

Spire Proxy Servers Needed?

Siriously i had siri all last night working, the issue was that i went to see my sister as soon as i connect and her wifi, it stoped working i dont know why.. and seen's then i couldn't make it wor... Read More »

Does c spire wireless sell iPhones?

The iPhone 4S will become available on C Spire 11 November 2011.