Is buying a plasma better than an LCD HDTV or vice versa?

Answer Sorry ! Sharp do not made any Plasma TV. Sharp only made good LCD TV from the pass 20 years, the world first LCD TV is from Sharp. any way, mose maker soon give out Plasma TV.If you are only looki... Read More »

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Why do people download albums for free instead of buying them, and vice-versa?

I buy albums of artists that I support. And if a cd is at a decent price, and what I've heard about the artist (radio air play time, demos on the internet on the artist's website, and the general b... Read More »

How many MB's does it take to make up a GB... or vice versa?

It doesn't work that way.If you have two Massive Boobs, you can't combine them into a single Gigantic Boob.Besides, why would you need to? Massive Boobs are lovely.A single Gigantic Boob would just... Read More »

Do you like Macs more than PCs or vice versa and why?

PC means Personal Computer. A Mac is a PC too. I think you mean Windows vs Mac. In that case, Windows is better because I can play games and run work applications.

Can you paint oil over latex&vice-versa?

Although you may be nervous about painting latex over oil, it can be done with the proper prepping techniques. If you are trying to paint a wall, wash it with water and then use paint scrapers to ... Read More »