Is butter or oil better when making omlet?

Answer Butter. It tastes better. It will give better browning on the omelet. It does have some nutritional value. Not much, but some. And ounce for ounce it actually has fewer calories than oil. Maybe but... Read More »

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Can you substitute butter for oil when making saltine crackers?

Yes you can use an equal amount of oil.Personally I think butter is better as it give a better texture and taste.Dune

Can i use olive oil instead of butter when making brownies from scratch or no?

No, olive oil isn't a good substitute for butter, and not because, as a couple of incorrect replies said "It's only for salad". While olive oil is used for cooking all the time, it's not very good ... Read More »

Broccoli with Butter Baked Potato with Butter Or Corn On The Cob with Butter Which do you like better?

baked potato with a pat of butter. this is a good source of carbohydrate and you can even start your day with this tomorrow morning. this is a very good tummy filler and lowers cholesterol and high... Read More »

What is the role of the artist when it comes to making the world better?

I would hate to use the word "role" because it implies and obligation and I am not sure that art works well when saddled with obligations. Artists work best when unfettered with societal conventio... Read More »