Is burning disks illegal?

Answer Depends on two things:1.) If you sell it to them and/or make any sort of profit from them, yes it's illegal.2.) If you give the CD's to them for free, but THEY sell them for profit, it's illegal.If... Read More »

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Software for Burning Karaoke Disks?

If you'd like to burn your own karaoke CDs, you'll need to install a program that can burn CD+G discs. These discs contain not only the karaoke track, but also the song's lyrics, which can be displ... Read More »

Is burning cds from the library illegal?

Only if you burn it to a disk or distribute it

If burning cds and dvds is illegal then why do they make blank disc and burners?

In general it is NOT illegal to make a cd or dvd. It IS illegal to infringe on copyrighted intellectual property. Several court cases have set a precedent that you can make a backup copy of softwar... Read More »

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