Is burbing frequently a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Burping is not one of the signs of pregnancy. It could mean you have a bad gullbladder. Or you could have acid reflux. Answer Hello - No its a sign of excess gas or acid in the ... Read More »

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Is having to pee frequently a sign of pregnancy?

When you become pregnant, your body is producing more blood and fluids hence the reason for frequent urination. It can happen during early pregnancy. Answer Yes, from what I've heard. But I don't b... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if a woman feels tired and urinates frequently the day after she's had sex for the first time?

Answer You will not feel symptoms the day after intercourse, as it can take several days to a week for the egg and sperm to meet up. However, it IS entirely possible to get pregnant the first time,... Read More »

When they say a symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination do they mean you go frequently or just have the urge frequently but not a lot comes out?

Can severe backache and two weeks late and a negative pregnancy test be a sign of pregnancy?

Hope i can help ] i know how you feel, i have several backache and am late and have had SEVERAL negative tests, but the best thing to do, is to go to your doctor and schedule a blood test. best of ... Read More »