Is bullying a human rights issue?

Answer Bulling is a personal, emotional issue that the bullier has with themselves. Its a need to feel superior for a certain amount of time when they are in the act. It is a taught act. The reason they a... Read More »

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Do you see Surrender a Woman's Rights issue or a Reproductive Rights Issue or both ?

Dear Sly,I see surrender as both - as well as a human rights issue, a father's rights issue, since I FIRMLY believe that father's should have every right and opportunity to parent or have a say in ... Read More »

Cite incidents situations where human rights are recognized of there violations to human rights?

How to Solve the Issue of a Bullying Boss?

Trying to cope with a bullying boss can be very detrimental to you personally as well as to the quality of your work. To solve this issue, you must have strong self esteem, be well prepared, and ad... Read More »

What is a stock rights issue?

A right is issued on a stock when a company wants to encourage shareholders to purchase more of the company's stock.ConsiderationsRights are short-term, and they usually expire four to six weeks af... Read More »