Is buffalo ok for me I'm a vegan.?

Answer Yes. This is because it's an animal. Personally, I think fish is the only thing we are meant to eat meat-wise, and I don't even consider it a meat. I don't eat it though.But yes, eating meat makes ... Read More »

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How to Make Vegan Buffalo Red Beans?

Spicy buffalo red beans for a vegan diet. Paired with sautes potatoes lavish with garlic and mustard greens.

What is the name of the white buffalo born at Buffalo Crossing?

A white buffalo calf was born at Buffalo Crossing, Shelbyville, Kentucky in June of 2005. She was named "Cante Pejute," which is Lakota for "Medicine Heart," in a ceremony led by Steve McCullough.S... Read More »

Are buffalo wings really made out of buffalo?

YUP.......and, they get those "wings" from the animal while it is still between the growth stages of the wings being at their fullest and just about in the middle of the growingprocess of the horn ... Read More »

Do buffalo wings come from buffalo?

They come from chickens.They were invented at the Anchor Bar on Main Street, near the corner of North Street, Buffalo, on October 3, 1964.Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar with her hus... Read More »