Is bubble gum harmful to health?

Answer i don't think so..........chewing a gum while peeling onions prevents u from crying (i have read somewhere) & also if u chew gum after eating, ur teeth remain clean. so how can it be harmful? thoug... Read More »

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Is pepsi harmful for our health?

Every carbonated drink is bad for you as they are full of sugar and other chemicals. Juice is a better option. Also we are told to pour coke down the toilet to clean it and you can clean coins with... Read More »

Are Sausages harmful to health?

Unless they are quality sausages made by someone who doesn't use preservatives, artificial crap, and dangerous additives, yes. Sausages are probably the worse meat product you can eat. Honestly, th... Read More »

Is salt really harmful for our health?

On 9/11/05 I found my lovely wife dead on the floor in my bathroom. Her death was due to Hypertension, plus Coronary Artery Disease, and a history of heart probs in the females of the paternal sid... Read More »

If a tin of food has a dent in it can it be harmful to your health?

Answer Most likely, the dent causes a 'peeled off' plating thus resulting in a rusty surface. Rust is harmful!