Is brown discharge normal at end of pregnancy?

Answer Answer if it coming right after the heavy bleeding that you had after having the baby, then yes. it simply means you are healing the way you're suppose to. blood or lochia will go from bright red,... Read More »

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Does a small piece of brown discharge during pregnancy is normal?

I never had it in any of mine, talk to your gyne just in case!

Is it normal to have brown discharge around the time of your period if you had unprotected sex over two weeks ago and felt all the symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer I have the same problem, yet I do use protection, and it eventually stopped after bring brown for 3 days or so. could it just be a cleaning your body is going through?

Is brown discharge and light pink discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer yes this a sign of pregmancy... these discharge are called implatation bleeding and it last for one to two days--you can take a hpt to find out if you are pregnant or not..... best wishes A... Read More »

Brown discharge after period Normal?

Brown discharge is just old blood. There is nothing to worry about.