Is brown a common eye color?

Answer Brown eyes are the most common in the world. They are found in a number of ethnic groups and can range from the lightest honey to the deepest, near-black. Geneticists considers the brown eye a domi... Read More »

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What color makeup matches brown hair&brown eyes?

On One Hand: Darker SkinIf you have a warmer skin tone, along with brown hair and brown eyes, warm reds, burnished browns and earthy tones tend to complement your features best. Consider putting a ... Read More »

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, so what hair color would I need if I was going to a Mary Kay party?

LOL, !! :)don't change a thing, wow them with your natural look.

Is brown eye color or hazel eye color more dominate?

I have always heard brown is more dominate, but both of my children have my hazel eyes and their father has I guess that's not always the case! I think this theory needs a little more te... Read More »

Reddish-brown eyes how common?