Is brooklyn the best place to live in the usa?

Answer If you live there. If you don't, then where you are is the best place, at least for now.

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Is park slope brooklyn a safe place to live?

If its really Park Slope, it's very safe. Sometimes real estate brokers will list something that's not Park Slope (sometimes nowhere NEAR Park Slope) to mislead you into thinking your moving into a... Read More »

How do I find a place to rent in Brooklyn?

InternetSurf the Internet for websites that list places to rent in Brooklyn. Websites are either free or charge a fee to view their listings. Some free popular websites are, NewY... Read More »

Is 67 west st brooklyn ny 11222 511 a dangerous place?

Well, my friend, this address is the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Its a little quite neighborhood, therefore, you should be fine.Good luck

What's a good romantic (pref. Italian) but not expensive place to take the GF for dinner in Brooklyn?