Is brie cheese served with the rind on?

Answer You can eat the rind on Brie cheese, although many will attest it is not the best part. The rind or skin is formed naturally by molds and bacteria. Many people find it bland and do not serve the ch... Read More »

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Do I remove the rind from Brie cheese?

The rind of a wheel of brie cheese is edible; you do not have to remove it before eating. However, many people prefer not to eat the rind due to its taste and/or texture. Author Gordon Edgar says, ... Read More »

How to Remove the Rind from Brie Cheese?

The rind of brie tastes bitter and has a chewy texture. Most palates do not find it appealing.

Can you eat the rind of Gorgonzola cheese?

The rind of Gorgonzola cheese is inedible. Though the Gorgonzola cheese rind is soft and may appear edible, it is flavorless and used only to protect the cheese while aging and is not meant for con... Read More »

Can you eat the outside of Brie cheese?

The outside of brie cheese, otherwise known as the rind, is usually white in color. The rind is composed of penicillium candidum mold, is completely edible and is considered to be perfectly accepta... Read More »