Is breast leakage a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answer I began leaking colustrum with my first born when I was only 4 months pregnant. I was totally floored and began reading online right away as to whether or not this was normal or not. After r... Read More »

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Can a small amount of leakage from your breasts be an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not usually as the hormone prolactin is not really present until the end of pregnancy.

Are breast cramps a sign of pregnancy?

I have this odd cramping in my breasts starting a day or so ago. I am 8dpo. Never felt this before in my life! I am testing this week...will let you know if its a sign or just af!lexi - mee too! it... Read More »

Are breast itching and headaches a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. I didn't have either, but I know some friends had both. If you are late you should test.

Can leaking colostrum from one breast be a sign of pregnancy?

Leaking Colostrum from One BreastHere are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:I'm pretty certain you are pregnant, unless it is normal for you to go that long. I'd get a test. If you are pregnant... Read More »