Is breast cancer associated with drinking milk?

Answer On One Hand: Some Studies Show CorrelationA 2004 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that drinking milk may play a role in the increasing incidence of cancer in the past... Read More »

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Is a fullness sensation in the breast associated with breast cancer?

On One Hand: It May Indicate CancerPhysical symptoms of breast cancer may include a sensation of fullness. According to Lewis-Gale Medical Center, as a tumor grows, patients may experience swelling... Read More »

Is parathyroid cancer ever associated with breast cancer?

While there is no direct, conclusive link between parathyroid cancer and breast cancer, there is a relationship between hyperparathyroidism (a benign condition) and an increased risk of the develop... Read More »

Does drinking organic milk reduce the risk of breast cancer?

I am 8 years out of Breast Cancer - My doctors recommended that I avoid any estrogens - this includes the Bovine Hormone rBST - so look for a label on the milk that says "from cows not treated with... Read More »

Are there any lifestyle choices associated with breast cancer?

On One Hand: Some Lifestyle Choices are Linked to Breast CancerSome lifestyle choices linked to a woman's risk for developing breast cancer include obesity and drinking alcohol, according to the Ma... Read More »