Is breast cancer associated with drinking milk?

Answer On One Hand: Some Studies Show CorrelationA 2004 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that drinking milk may play a role in the increasing incidence of cancer in the past... Read More »

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Does drinking organic milk reduce the risk of breast cancer?

I am 8 years out of Breast Cancer - My doctors recommended that I avoid any estrogens - this includes the Bovine Hormone rBST - so look for a label on the milk that says "from cows not treated with... Read More »

Can drinking hot water left in your car really lead to breast cancer?

No, it's an urban myth/legend, originating from a hoax email that was widely circulated last year.These links give the facts behind these rumours/hoaxes about plastic water bottles and breast cance... Read More »

Does chocolate silk soy milk cause breast cancer?

On One Hand: Soy Stimulates Cancer Cells In MiceThe plant estrogen found in soy has been shown to stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells implanted in mice according to a study out of the... Read More »

Does drinking a bottled water (that has been left in the car) safe I heard it leads to breast cancer?

There has been a hoax email circulating for some time making this false claim. There have been several questions about this recently, so I assume the email is doing the rounds again.No, it is not t... Read More »