Is breast calcification something that I should be worried about?

Answer On One Hand: Breast Calcification Is Often HarmlessBreast calcification refers to small calcium deposits in breast tissue that show up on mammograms. They are common in women, especially after meno... Read More »

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Is there something to be concerned about with breast calcification?

On One Hand: Calcifications May Be of ConcernBreast calcifications (deposits of calcium) are identified on a mammogram test. Sometimes these calcifications are labeled "suspicious," meaning that th... Read More »

What are the causes of intracerebral calcification?

Intracerebral calcification, sometimes known as intercranial calcification, is a condition in which calcium and iron deposits are found within the brain. These calcium deposits are sometimes an ind... Read More »

Question about calcification.?

The healing process can be speeded up by taking physiotherapeutic treatment.

Question about calcification?

Adequate intake of vitamin D in your diet should help in speeding up the healing process in Calcification.