Is breakfast a good time to have mangoes :) ?

Answer Oh I love Mangos. :)I have them for breakfast... and when I have a snack.. and for dessert.. and supper. I make protein drinks out of them too by adding protein powder or raw eggs. I slice them up ... Read More »

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Breakfast that'll keep me full for a long time?

Anything high in fiber digests slowly, so I'd say something like oatmeal or shredded wheat cereal. You could also try adding flax seed to either one. Multigrain toast or bagels are great high-fiber... Read More »

Is there a Breakfast Food that u like to eat no matter what time of the day it is?

Most mornings lately I have been making a cheese, tomato or egg, (if cooked and stored in fridge) sandwich and toast under the grill in the oven, slap with butter, cut in half and presto.Great anyt... Read More »

I went into a Burger King in RI at 7:00AM for the first time(I do not usually eat breakfast out)?

Huh? Why should the two companies merge? They have nothing in common. There is no reason for their CEOs or employees to want to merge.

How do I make healthy breakfast ideas ahead of time?

Plan AheadPurchase a week's worth of easily prepared healthy breakfast items, such as whole-wheat English muffins and low-fat peanut butter..Prepare AheadPrepare healthy items ahead of time. Slice ... Read More »