Is bone cancer very common?

Answer Bone cancer occurs when a malignant tumor in the bone destroys the normal bone tissue. Bone tumors are not all malignant. Benign bone tumors are more prevalent than malignant bone tumors.Primary Bo... Read More »

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How common is bone cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), primary cancers of bones make up just 0.2 percent of all cancers. In 2009, the ACS expected doctors would diagnose 2,570 cases of bone cancer. 1,470 ... Read More »

Why is bone cancer so common in children?

Bone cancer is not common in any age group. "Primary bone cancer is rare. It accounts for much less than 1 percent of all cancers. About 2,300 new cases of primary bone cancer are diagnosed in the ... Read More »

My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?

This liquid is also called Tien-Hsien liquid. There have been no human clinical trials conducted for the safety or effacy of this product ( no benefit has been documented). No evidence exists that ... Read More »

Why is cancer so common now Cancer use to be this strange disease that appeared to be rare. Why?

Once you finnish with my post you will become very angry because the cure for cancer was found 50 years ago but it is suppressed and kept from you because ethe cancer business is very profitable.Un... Read More »