Is bone cancer hereditary?

Answer Primary bone cancer is not hereditary; however, people with certain hereditary disorders such as retinoblastoma, Paget's disease or Li-Fraumeni syndrome have higher chances of developing bone cance... Read More »

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My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?

This liquid is also called Tien-Hsien liquid. There have been no human clinical trials conducted for the safety or effacy of this product ( no benefit has been documented). No evidence exists that ... Read More »

I want to know if cancer is hereditary ,if so can one contact from a mother that has breast cancer?

Cancer is "an uncontrollable growth of damaged cells". In essence, you body is producing more of that one type of cell than it needs for renewal or repair, and piling up the excess in one location.... Read More »

Cancer hereditary?

I know my Aunt and my Grandmother have both had the same forms of cancer...Early detection is the key to succesful survival!

Is brain cancer hereditary?

On One Hand: Family History Influences RiskBrain cancer is not hereditary in the usual sense of the word, meaning that it is not passed directly through the generations. However, the Mayo Clinic re... Read More »