Is boiled water better for plants?

Answer No minerals in the water will be remove when it is boiled.

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Is boiled water distilled water?

No, boiled water is simply boiled. Distilled water is when the steam from the boiling is gathered and rebottled.

Is it safe to drink the tap water I boiled?

usually boiling the water will kill anything that may be in the water. I have well water and i'll drink water straight from the tap or even the hose and i haven't gotten sick. but usually if I see... Read More »

How to Dye Your Hair Using Boiled Water & Kool-Aid?

People have been dying their hair for generations. Most commercial dye products can be harsh on your hair and can be expensive. A low-cost alternative that has been embraced by students and bohemia... Read More »

Does hummingbird sugar water need to be boiled?

Hummingbird sugar water does not need to be boiled before putting it in a feeder, according to A recipe for artificial nectar to supplement a hummingbird's natural diet can includ... Read More »